Collect stamps from your bonVito partners and receive a discounted product from the relevant bonVito partner.

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With bonVito you get attractive offers and campaigns of well-known bakeries/ cafés, restaurants and catering companies.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I do when I lose my card?

If you lost your card we recommend blocking it as fast as possible. Log on as usual and call your customer card(s) in menu "Your customer cards". In the dislayed list you can block the lost card via the block symbol. Afterwards you can exchange the lost card against a new one. You get a new card from the respective bonVito partner. You can use your collected discounts or balance with the new card as before.

How can I exchange my card?

To exchange the card please make sure that you are logged in. call your customer cards via menu item “Your customer cards” and click on the exchange symbol of the respective card. You can then enter your new card number.

Where do I get a new card?

You get a new card from your bonVito operating company.

How can I add the additional card to my profile?

To add another card to your bonVito account you have to log in to the bonVito website. In menu "Your customer cards" you can add new cards to your profile. All the customer cards listed in your profile will collect to one account. Please note that you DON'T have ro register cards anew that were added to an account!

Why can’t I register my card?

Please make sure

  1. that your card is not a gift card or a mere payment card, as these cannot be registered.
  2. During registration you do not use an e-mail address that you already used for a previous registration. For safety reasons you can register each card to just one e-mail address (please see the notes on "Loss of card" and "Adding a new card").

What to do when I registered with a wrong e-mail address?

If you registered with the wrong e-mail address you can simply register once again with the correct address, provided the card has not yet been enabled.

How much does the registration at bonVito cost?

The registration for consumers is free of charge at any time.